Q: How can I sell on CFL Mall?

A: Just go to “my account” and on the right, look at the bottom of the register box you will find the link that says, “Become a Vendor”.  Once you have registered as a “vendor” you will not be able to list products until you pay the monthly membership fee.

Q: How much is the membership fees?

A: We have only one fee, and that is a $10.99 monthly fee that allows you list freely (no limit to how many listings). This fee also opens up listings to the “Directory” side of CFL Mall. You will be able to list you business there as well (the listing will stay for 1 year without the monthly fee).

Q: Are there any other hidden fees?

A: No, that is it. Pretty simple and that is the way we like it.

Q: I noticed that one of the listed stores in the Directory part of CFL Mall is marked “featured”. How can I become a “featured” shop?

A: CFL Mall Directory gives you the option to push your store out against the other listings by choosing the “featured” option when making the listing. This does have a cost of  $19.99, and will last the one year. Every year that you relist you will have to pay the fee.

Q: How does the “featured” placement work?

A: You will have to look at this from big to small…. The featured listings are rotated, so you are in competition with all that have that have chosen that feature. But hear is the beauty of it, as you go smaller (from the whole CFL Mall to the town/city you have chosen) you are seen more.

If you have any questions for FAQ, send your questions to sales@cflmall.com.